3 Noteworthy Tips for Lead Generation
3 Noteworthy Tips for Lead Generation

In certain industries, the sales cycle can be a much longer and more complex process than others. That being said, businesses that offer specific services should focus their efforts on providing ongoing information regarding their value proposition. As a travel advisor, it is increasingly important to keep current, past and potential customers engaged in this constantly evolving travel landscape we have found ourselves in today. Whether it may be a pandemic, altered cultural travel norms or niche experiences, change is inevitable. Thus, travel advisors or solo agents may find it very beneficial to entice potential customers to start a free trial or sign up for an email list. Accomplishing this very act can be classified as generating a lead. Now the question becomes, what are some of the best ways to boost interest and generate more leads than ever before?

Focus on Quality over Quantity:

In societies all around the world, people have become increasingly dependent on technology. The collective increase in knowledge surrounding all things digital had led to a rise in certain trends that will shape the future. The amount of active web users around the world is approaching 3.2 billion people. This statistic leads us to believe that we are far more interconnected than ever. People are becoming increasingly aware when they are in a digital marketing funnel. Therefore, individuals are noticing instances when they are seeing another ad, a company wants their email address, they are going to get spammed, this is a free trial, and this website is not trustworthy. In essence, it is safe to say the “tricks” are no longer going to work for generating leads. With an increased sense of knowledge surrounding digital marketing strategies, lead generation is not about tricking people. It is about proving real value. To summarize, a trend we will begin to see is a move away from “spammy behaviour”, towards the strong utilization of systems that make it easier for users to take action. Simply put, focus on quality over quantity. Companies are going to have to adjust by providing real value that goes beyond “subscribe to my email list”.

Improve Your Landing Page’s CTA with Interactive Design:

In terms of lead generation, it can be very difficult for travel companies to drive conversions in such a competitive landscape. However, one thing travel advisors can work towards impelecting or improving is the interactivity involved in the user experience. In the business world, some companies have developed a strategy where multi-step intake forms are utilized. In other words, this form is similar to an evaluation or an assessment tool. Think about doing an interactive personal health assessment. The interactive completion would involve answering many questions concering your specific health situation. A similar assessment process for generating leads online. If you are a luxury travel advisor, your assessment would be geered towards people looking for what you have to offer. Luxury! After prospective clients take the time to complete the questionnaire and reach the end, they can see that all the right questions are being asked. As a result, they believe they are part of a buying process and are more inclined to submit their personal contact information.

Utilize Social Media:

Last but certainly not least, we can never forget about the power of social media. Depending on your goal, certain platforms have unique features that help you create call to action buttons that makes it easier than ever to visit your website or get in contact asap. In today’s day and age, people expect instantaneous communication and constant convenience. That being said, a strong social media pressne is an effective way to keep in touch with customers and share information frequently. Also, something really great about social media is the ability to learn the specifics about your follower base with a few quick clicks. Many social media sites provide analytical tools with reports outlining your followers’ location, age and gender. Wheather or not you were thinking about engaging in some paid advertisiting or creating an affiliate program, it is always helpful to know the demographic information of the individuals paying attention.
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