5 Expert Travel Tips from experienced Travel Advisor
5 Expert Travel Tips from experienced Travel Advisor

The job of a travel advisor is an important one, especially during the pandemic. Travellers can benefit from the help of travel advisors now more than ever, with there being constant changes to worldwide restrictions and travel requirements. Itinza had the amazing opportunity to speak with Karan Morrow, CEO of Where2Next? Travel about her tips on how to succeed as a travel advisor and how clients can benefit from them.

Karan Morrow has been running her business for 14 years now and started because of her genuine love for travel and planning trips. Her typical day of work consists of connecting with current and potential clients, building travel destination offerings and luxury itineraries, preparing for trade shows, working with travel providers, and so much more! When it comes to planning and connecting with clients to ensure their trip is the best it can be, Karan excels.

Here are some tips that travel advisors should keep in mind when running their business.

How travel advisors can add value for their clients

Travel advisors have the knowledge and expertise that clients cannot find themselves by simply searching on the internet. Travel advisors are here to help their clients and their access goes far beyond websites and online agencies. They also include amenities, perks, and backup plans that travellers cannot get on their own. The best way that travellers can get the most out of their trip is to take advantage of the expertise and assistance that travel advisors are more than happy to provide.  

How travel advisors can reach clients and expand their clientele

Referrals are one of the most beneficial ways that travel advisors can retain and expand their clientele. Additionally, Karan uses social media to inform potential clients about the services her agency offers and she also uses a targeted email list to reach new clients. “I also take the time to meet my clientèle where they are”. Travel advisors should be sure to take the time to put themselves out there and make an effort to meet potential clients at events and other outings.  

How travel advisors can maintain customer loyalty

“My approach is working to turn my clients' travel dreams into as much a reality as I possibly can”. The main goal of a travel advisor is to make the trip planning process as smooth as possible while also being communicative and honest with the client. “If a client feels heard and understood and has been dealt with honestly, they will remain loyal”.

How travel advisors can effectively plan complex trips

Travel advisors’ first step should always be to have a conversation with the client, figure out what their needs and wants are, and start planning from there. “When I'm thoroughly informed as to what the client's desires are, I can better serve them and set realistic expectations”. Organization is also key - keeping track of planning a complex trip in an itinerary planner is very helpful. Additionally, knowing your limits and areas of expertise as a travel advisor will best serve you and make your life easier. Handing parts of the planning process off to other travel professionals and colleagues for destinations you may not be familiar with can make the planning process much smoother for both you and the client.  

How clients can find the best travel advisor for them

Clients should take advantage of the sites and databases available that have travel advisors in one localized, easy-access place. Itinza is one of those sites and has a helpful travel advisor referral engine to make it easy for clients to find the best travel advisor for them. If you are a client in need of assistance in planning your next big trip, check out our platform at Itinza.

Lastly, a big thank you goes out to Karan Morrow for taking the time to speak with us and provide us with a chance to highlight one of the incredible travel advisors on Itinza’s global travel directory platform. Be sure to check out Karan’s website here, and make sure you continue to stay updated on our blog for more insights into the travel advisory!