5 Proven Ways That Travel Advisors Can Engage With Clients on Social Media
5 Proven Ways That Travel Advisors Can Engage With Clients on Social Media

With social media having over 3 billion users at the end of 2020, it is obvious that engaging with clients through social media channels is one of the best ways to maintain a reliable client base for your travel advisory business. This is especially the case amidst COVID-19, where the online presence of travel agencies has never been more crucial due to the lack of in-person interactions. For those of you who have already been leveraging social media in your marketing strategies, I’m sure that you are familiar with the most popular social media platforms and their unique characteristics, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, although social media can drastically improve your business, if not used properly, it can also waste valuable time and resources. Here are 5 of the most effective ways that you can engage with your clients on social media:

Host Social Media Contests

Running contests for your clients on social media is a great way to keep your clientele engaged and interested in your travel advisory business. Fortunately, there are several different types of contests that you can host to fulfill the different goals of your agency and its clients. Below you can find some of the most useful ones:

1. Referral Contest

With respect to attracting new clients, hosting an engaging referral contest would allow you to generate additional leads for your business. This would consist of incentivising your existing clients with a worthwhile prize in exchange for inviting a friend or family member who is interested in a future travel experience.

2. Photo Contest

Hosting a photo contest will not only allow you to foster more of an interactive community around your travel advisory business but will more importantly enable you to generate more leads. This is because when clients and prospect clients see the enticing vacation photographs of other travellers, they will be more inclined to venture there and enjoy the same experience. The visually appealing content entered into the photo contest could also be potentially used for your marketing and branding campaigns.

Distribute Travel Content that is of Interest of your Existing and Prospective Clients

As a professional travel advisor, it is vital that you are familiar with the interests and desires of each of your clients. Likewise, although you may not know potential clients on a personal level at this point, be sure to take advantage of your area of specialty and post content that relates to that. With travelers always looking for important information and advice, it would be wise for you to use your social media platforms to share content that your clients may find useful. If it is of interest to them, it is very probable that you will get more engagement as they will want to ask questions and contribute to your posts about the topics.

Feature Your Existing Clients

If you want to help your clients feel more engaged, you should definitely consider including them in your social media. Whether this is featuring their trip photos and videos or posting short clips of them talking about their travel experiences, using social media to feature the stories and insights of your clients will ensure that they remain interested in and loyal to your services.  

Maintain a Personable Brand

Ensuring that you are likeable and original on social media is vital to keeping your clients engaged and loyal to your travel advisory business. With social media and the travel industry being very saturated, you will only distinctively stand out if you go above and beyond basic interactions. With this in mind, in addition to regularly responding to and engaging with your clients on social media, you should also plan on leveraging unique opportunities to form stronger relationships with your clientele. For example, if you notice that your clients have a lot of questions for you in the comment sections, you could host a video conference to address all these concerns in an engaging, personable setting.

Integrate Client Input

Making your social media more interactive by listening to and implementing some ideas from your clients is an effective way to help them feel more engaged and involved. Clients always want to know that their opinions are being acknowledged, so be sure to host the occasional poll or vote to determine solutions for basic areas of the business. A simple example of this could even be making a poll for your clients on social media that would allow them to vote on the best travel pictures to feature on the company website.