5 Proven Ways to Promote Yourself as a Travel Advisor
5 Proven Ways to Promote Yourself as a Travel Advisor

Considering the saturated and competitive nature of the travel industry, there are limitless options for travellers to choose from when booking their next vacation. With this in mind, it is crucial for your travel advisory business to differentiate itself if you intend to remain profitable. By promoting your business in a strategic manner and understanding how to reach your target market, you will be far more likely to stand out and succeed as a travel advisor. For those who are seeking assistance in marketing their travel advisory business, here are 5 proven tips to help you generate more business:

Social media

If you need a way to quickly promote your travel advisory businesses to the masses, social media is your best bet. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the many tools that successful travel advisors use to promote themselves and directly connect with consumers. However, it would be wise for you to leverage as many social media sites as possible in order to strengthen your reach and online presence. Ultimately, make sure that you have a strong social media presence by regularly posting trendy and engaging content. For example, if safaris are trending among travellers, be sure to post content relevant to African wildlife to pique people’s interest.


Displaying appealing photos of popular destinations is an effective way to generate buzz for your business, especially if it is your clients’ photography being showcased. By promoting photos that your clients took from previous trips, they will likely share them with their friends and family. This will have the effect of increasing awareness for your business and improving your personal connection to clients. From your website to social media, it is vital that you display these photos on every platform to maximize their promotional potential.

Offer reward referrals

By offering your clients rewards if they refer people to your business, you will be able to develop more leads and expand your client base. It is proven that people more often than not trust what a close friend or family member thinks about a service, so giving your clients an incentive to do this will certainly bring you more business. Be sure to offer your clients a discount or free gift whenever they make a referral that leads to a booking or leave a positive online review. All in all, if you make your existing clients happy, they will be more than eager to help your travel advisory business grow.

Market yourself as a specialist travel agent

The competitiveness of the travel industry makes it virtually impossible to stand out if you market yourself online as simply only a travel advisor. Provided that, it is crucial for you to target a specific group of consumers and position yourself as a travel advisor who offers niche services. This will allow you to bypass the thousands of other names and websites that pop up when people put ‘travel advisor’ in their search engine. Essentially, by leveraging basic search engine optimization (SEO) and promoting yourself as a specialized travel advisor, potential consumers who fall within your target market are more likely to find you.

Get involved

Even if you have mastered all the things previously mentioned, if you aren’t connected with other travel advisors, you’re missing out on significant growth. By joining a travel advisor association, you will be able to make important connections that will help you gain valuable insight and opportunities. Networking with other advisors will not only allow you to hear different perspectives on how to succeed, but will also help get your name out there. An example of this would be that if another advisor has a client who is seeking a trip that falls under your speciality, you could make an arrangement that they would refer the lead to you. By returning the favour, you can generate more leads while also improving your relationship with other travel advisors. Aside from joining an in-person association, a great way to meet other advisors online is to join the travel advisor directory at https://www.itinza.com/, which allows you to network, build your client base, and showcase your services.