Destinations Offering Travel Deals Amid COVID-19?
Destinations Offering Travel Deals Amid COVID-19?

With many countries beginning to reopen their borders by continuing to successfully combat COVID-19, eager international tourists have the opportunity to legally travel again. Considering that the hospitality and tourism industry has been shut down for months, many luxury resorts and hotels across the globe are offering vacationers alluring deals to stay with them. Whether you intend to travel domestically within your own country or visit a resort overseas, here is a selection of some of the best deals different destination are currently offering:

The Fortress Resort & Spa, Galle, Sri Lanka

The stunning coastline of Sri Lanka has always been a favourite destination for international visitors. The south coast of the island is home to The Fortress Resort & Spa, a luxury resort with a Dutch and Portuguese colonial design along with many modern features. The resort is only a short drive away from the town’s unique and historic attractions such as Galle Fort, the turtle conservation area, and whale-watching. It is important to note that the staff takes precautionary measures that include the sanitization and disinfection of all areas and special measures for dining at the resort's restaurants. Currently, all rooms are now being offered at an astonishing 50% discount on published rates.

Sicily, Italy

Sicily has reported that since its borders shut down in early March, the popular tourist destination has lost close to $1.09 billion. With Italy opening its borders on June 3 to the EU, UK, and Schengen area, Sicily hopes that it can rebuild its heavily dependent tourism economy by the fall. In order to help revive its economy, Sicily has stated that it will introduce vouchers that will cover half of flight costs and every third night of a hotel stay for tourists. It will also be distributing free tickets to museums, archaeological sites, and other cultural attractions. Although the proposed plan will cost about 50 million euros, Sicily is counting on the return of tourists and the reopening of restaurants and retail to offset this cost.

Cancun, Mexico

Likely inspired by Sicily, the Hotel Associations of Cancun has made a statement that over 200 businesses have already committed to a campaign that offers substantial discounts to international visitors. Bookings eligible for these discounts can be made up until August 15 of this year to incentivise tourists to resume travel in Cancun as soon as possible. This is crucial for the region as COVID-19 has imposed significant economic consequences as a result of the loss of tourism. The attractive perks that Cancun’s hotels and resorts will be offering include two free nights for every two nights paid for, two free days of car rentals for every two days paid for, free stays for up to two children when two adults book, and 20% off when visiting theme parks, golf courses, and spas.


With tourism making up almost 20% of Greece’s gross domestic product and one in four jobs, the country is among the growing number of destinations offering incentives for tourists to visit. In an effort to bring more international tourists into the country, the nation’s prime minister announced in May that transportation taxes including flights to the country would be drastically reduced. To be more specific, the Greek government cut the value added taxes on all forms of transportation from 24% to 13%, making travel within and to Greece significantly more affordable. Ultimately, Greek officials believe that this will allow the country to win back its economy just as it successfully won its battle with COVID-19.

Renaissance Aruba

As Aruba prepares to reopen its borders to international visitors, one resort is offering an appealing incentive to book a vacation there. Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino is offering to pay for your COVID-19 insurance that you now require to enter Aruba under the island’s strict entry process. The company will cover these costs if you book your stay with the resort’s best rate package, which is bookable from August 31, 2020 to March 31, 2021, and can be cancelled 24 hours before arrival. The resort also prides itself in its new cleaning and sanitation protocols in addition to its physical distancing policies. An example of this is that guests have the option to check-in using the Marriott Bonvoy app before arriving so they can avoid the front desk and go straight to their room.