How is the war in Ukraine affecting travelling
How is the war in Ukraine affecting travelling

Although travel was starting to look very promising with COVID-19 requirements loosening and many countries lifting their restrictions, the current invasion of Russia on Ukraine may impact the recovery of the travel industry for the time being. Following the invasion of Ukraine, almost every country has closed its airspace to all Russian airlines and aircraft. Many flights have been cancelled to and from Russia and a lot of them have been postponed or forced to take long detours.

So what does this mean for travel plans for this year? Well, it is still uncertain as to the long-term effects this war will have on the travel industry, but for now, it looks as if all travel to and from Russia is banned and travel to countries surrounding Russia could be limited. Increasing fuel costs due to the sanction on Russia’s fuel supplies likely means higher plane ticket prices.

However, it is not all negative. Domestic travel within Canada and the U.S. still looks very promising, as well as travel to many parts of Europe such as Spain, France, and the U.K. Travel to Asia is riskier, as flights will likely have to take longer routes to avoid passing through Russia.

On the bright side, it looks as though many travellers are still planning on moving forward with their travel plans for this summer and for the rest of the year, and travel advisors remain optimistic. If you are planning a trip for 2022, the best way to stay updated on new restrictions and flight delays or postponements is to connect with a travel advisor. Travel advisors are constantly getting new information and updates on worldwide travel news and they can help make your trip-planning process smooth and efficient. Get started today and find a travel advisor at Itinza!

Lastly, on behalf of the team at Itinza, our thoughts and wishes go out to the Ukrainian community and to anyone who has been affected by the recent events. We are remaining as positive and hopeful as we can at this time and hope to see travel continue this year.