How the Travel Industry is Changing for 2022
How the Travel Industry is Changing for 2022

As 2021 comes to a close, travel advisors are likely already preparing for the new year and wondering how they can best reach their clients. If you are in this position as a travel advisor, look no further. Here are some major trends in the travel industry that have been predicted for the new year:

Great service is a client’s main priority

With all of the health worries that have come with being in a pandemic the past couple years, healthcare and service is of the utmost importance for travellers. Luckily, a major trend that continues to grow is hotels and many tourist attractions implementing new cleanliness protocols and contactless options to keep travellers safe. As a travel advisor, when planning your client’s next trip, make sure to make their safety and health a priority.

  • Travel by train is becoming more popular

Flying nowadays can be a bit risky as flights can easily be changed or canceled due to COVID restrictions. However, this has made travel by train a popular option and it seems likely that this popularity will continue into the new year. From Vietnam’s Vietage train to Europe’s luxury Belmond Orient Express, the opportunities are endless for travellers. Travel advisors should make sure to keep these options in mind if traveling by plane is not a feasible option.

Travellers are taking fewer, longer trips

The travel industry is changing every day and this can be quite unpredictable when planning a trip. Many clients are looking to take fewer but longer and better-planned trips to make the most out of their experience.

  • Increasing demand for more sustainable travel

Sustainability and attention to the environment has become a major area of concern for many people, including travellers, in the past decade. There is now an increased demand for more sustainable, conscientious vacations and travellers are keeping this in mind when they plan a trip. Travel advisors should look out for more sustainable options when planning their client’s next trip.

  • Vacation rentals are growing in popularity

Ever since the advent of vacation rental companies such as Airbnb and, travelers are looking more and more at staying in vacation rentals as opposed to large chain hotels. Vacation rentals can provide a more unique and intimate option for travelers that a hotel experience may not be able to provide. Additionally, they are often a safer choice during the pandemic as they are often limited to one group booking at a time. Short-term rentals are able to offer travelers private spaces so that they feel safer and more comfortable during their stay.