How to Become a Greener Traveler in 2022
How to Become a Greener Traveler in 2022

Sustainable and eco-friendly travel has become more important than ever, but what is it? Sustainable travel is more than just a popular travel trend; rather, it is all about changing our ways and making more of an effort to lessen our carbon footprint when we travel. Travelling sustainably and responsibility starts from the very beginning of the trip planning process all the way through to the end - here are some tips to help minimize your carbon footprint for your next trip:

Choose “eco” or “carbon-offset” flights

If your only option is to travel by plane to your destination, then consider selecting a flight that is labelled “eco” or “green”. This means that your flight is making efforts to maximize the space on the plane, limiting the use of biofuel or eliminating plastic use. If this is not an option that your airline provides, you can choose to “carbon offset” your flight. Carbon offsetting offsets the fuel that your flight emits and is a great first step to flying more eco-consciously.

Pack less and more sustainably

Packing light will make carrying your bags much easier and it can also help decrease your carbon footprint because your luggage will be lighter to transport. Besides, it makes picking out an outfit to wear a much easier process, which is always a plus! Further, in terms of your carry-on, it is highly recommended that you pack a reusable water bottle and reusable containers instead of using single-use plastic products.

Shop and eat local

Whenever possible, it is always more sustainable for both the environment and the country’s economy to shop and eat locally. Additionally, oftentimes the quality is much better if you purchase local goods and food and it will make for a much more authentic experience overall. Hiring a local guide can help you find the best places to eat and shop in your area and will also help support small businesses!

Walk more often

One of the greenest forms of travel is simply walking when exploring new places. It is also an excellent way to see and experience different neighbourhoods and find new adventures. If you want a faster way of getting around though, try renting out a bicycle to ride around a new area or sign up for a bike tour. These are much more sustainable transportation options that are also fun to do!

Volunteer in the community

A great way to make impactful and sustainable choices while travelling is to volunteer for environmental and social projects in your destination country. This can be a very fulfilling way to travel responsibly and will also help you learn more about a new culture.

Immerse yourself in nature

Embrace the diversity of your destination and get outdoors to fully maximize your stay and experience the local nature. If you are planning on visiting wildlife or animal sanctuaries, do some prior research to make sure that they are ethical and responsible. Engaging in outdoor activities and exploring nature is a great way to travel in a more eco-friendly way and see what our beautiful planet has to offer.

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