How to Succeed as a Travel Advisor During COVID and the Holidays
How to Succeed as a Travel Advisor During COVID and the Holidays

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year and with it, comes many people looking to plan and book trips. As a travel advisor, this time can be stressful and you might be wondering how you can differentiate yourself when there is such a massive demand for travel and travel advisors. Travel advisors are needed more than ever during the holiday season and especially during COVID, so keeping some of these suggestions in mind can help you succeed as a travel

First off, the rapidly changing travel industry as a cause of the pandemic makes travel advisors more useful than ever. As a travel advisor, staying up to date on specific travel restrictions all over the world can help you differentiate yourself and attract clients. The one thing clients will
want to be informed on is where and when they can travel to certain places and what the COVID restrictions are in that place. Travel advisors can help ease clients’ worries and make their trip planning easier than ever.

Travel advisors should also work on networking and reaching out to prospective clients, whether that be in-person, on Zoom, or by phone call. If you are just starting out as a travel advisor, networking is the most crucial way to grow and expand your business. It is also highly recommended that you have a website and business social media account if you don’t already, so that clients can easily find your information and get in touch with you.

Another crucial differentiator is knowing exactly what your clients want and getting back to them quickly. In the age of COVID, efficiency is something that people value more than ever, so this is essential for travel advisors. Be prepared, communicate effectively, and always follow up with. That way, clients will know that you have their best interests at heart.

All in all, travel advisors are the best resource that clients can use when they are planning a trip because they have access to many resources and have a wide range of knowledge about the industry in order to make the perfect recommendations for their clients. As a travel advisor, you should constantly be looking to promote yourself and let clients know that you can make their travel experience easy and enjoyable.