Top 5 Proven Ways That Travel Advisors Can Keep Their Clients Engaged and Informed
Top 5 Proven Ways That Travel Advisors Can Keep Their Clients Engaged and Informed

Although COVID-19 has led to a drastic decrease in the number of bookings, it is still more important than ever for travel advisors to keep their clients engaged and updated. It is crucial for you to understand that rather than focusing on generating new bookings, maintaining an active relationship with customers is currently the best way to spend your time. Even if it may not impact immediate business, it is vital that you keep your clients interested until people start to regularly travel again, as this will ensure that you do not lose valuable business. With this in mind, here are some of the best ways that you can keep your clients engaged and informed as a travel advisor:

Social Media

Being active and posting on social media is without a doubt one of the most effective methods to ensure that your clients remain engaged. You can use your social media platforms to keep clients informed on reopening dates, share stories from those who are still travelling, and even post beautiful pictures of destinations to pique interest. Essentially, social media is a great way to remind travellers that you are prepared to help them book a trip whenever they are interested and comfortable to do so. Social media is also an effective conversation starter that will help you strengthen relationships with your clients.

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If you are looking for a more formal way to update clients, improving or starting a company newsletter for your travel advisory business is a good option. As a professional travel advisor, you are trusted as one of the most reliable sources in the travel industry. As a result, many clients will appreciate it if you release updates on the latest travel news, especially information concerning COVID-19 and how it affects travel. It may be wise to integrate your social media and newsletter together, with your newsletter going into further detail and elaborating upon the information in your social media posts.

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Connect your clients together

Despite the fact that it may be difficult to host in-person events, hosting virtual networking and social events is another effective way to keep clients engaged. By providing your clients with the opportunity to talk with one another, not only will their interest in travel be piqued when sharing different vacation experiences, but it is essentially free advertising for your business. Hosting social events are also a great opportunity for clients to ask you small questions that they would likely not deem important enough to ask over the phone or in an email.

Hold a contest

Your clients are no exception to the fact that everyone enjoys getting free stuff. Provided that, holding a contest or giveaway is a good way to engage customers with your travel advisory business while also incentivising them to promote it. For example, host a contest where clients can earn a chance to win a substantial discount when booking their next trip if they share a photo from their previous trip and tag your business. This will act as free advertising within the social circles of your clients and will potentially have the impact of generating new leads and clients.

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Be mobile friendly

With millennials becoming more interested in travel and being technologically savvy, make sure that all your platforms can be accessed through a mobile phone. Millennials and many other age groups will choose to access information through their mobile phones the vast majority of the time, proving that it is vital for your website to be mobile friendly. This can be further reinforced by the fact that you have a very small amount of time to secure their attention once they access your mobile platform. If there are any technical problems with your mobile website, this may create frustration among potential clients and will result in you losing their business indefinitely.