Top 4 Tips on How to Work Together With Travel Influencers
Top 4 Tips on How to Work Together With Travel Influencers

Television or radio ads are a thing of the past. Now, social media ads provide optimal exposure to a wider range of audiences at a more affordable price. More often than not, people respond to authority (think about police officers or teachers) and authority is what primarily influences consumers. However, on social media influencers and celebrities are the people who hold authority dictating what items are trendy and what is not.  This explains why many companies partner with celebrities to produce an exclusive line of products and why these products are successful. Thus, working travel influencers is a smart way for emerging and developed advisors to grow their clients. With 27% of internet users saying they find new products and brands through paid social ads, and the number rising each year, the key to getting ahead of the game lies within your ability to leverage social media. Below are some tips to help you start your social media campaign with a travel influencer.

Determine which influencers fit your niche

Ultimately, the influencers you choose to work must have an audience that reflects your client base. For example if you were a luxury travel agent, you would not want to work with an influencer known for his/her best travel saving tips. Rather you would want to reflect and choose an influencer that holds the most relevance for your goals and audience. Upfluence, Hypeauditor (for instagram), Social Blade, and Klout are some free tools to help you find influencers that fit your niche. Musefind and TapInfluence are also great paid platforms. These tools can help you determine an influencer with a follower base relevant to your audience. Be sure to look out for ghost accounts! Sudden spikes in their follower base can be an indicator that these followers are fake and show you may not be reaching as many travellers as you think.

According to AdWeek, the influencer market was worth $2 billion in 2017 and is estimated to grow to $10 billion by 2020. If anything, marketing with a travel influencer is a great long-term investment that can build a travel advisor’s customer base and solidify their reputation in the travel industry.

Determine which channels to market in

Your target market should be the main factor when determining the platform and the influencer. Many influencers are more distinguished on one social media platform than another. As such, your promotional strategy depends on whether you use Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and etc. Keep in mind that working with an influencer is most effective for a younger audience. Facebook’s main users are 25-30 years old while Instagram’s main users are 18- 24 years old. To find the best platform do some research on the various promotional methods available and data on their users. Also keep in mind your clients average income. Most 18 year olds won’t have the money to take a $5000 trip to Greece.

Only after choosing your influencer and your channel can you customize promotional strategy. By understanding what your platform has to offer, a travel advisor can leverage these tools to attract more customers. Don’t fall into the trap of bigger is always better. Remember that travel advisors service their clients with an intimate and personalized experience which can be ruined by posting general content with an influencer.

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Beware of the work

The benefits of a successful campaign with an influencer can be phenomenal, and it may seem easy and simple, but behind the scenes it requires a lot of adjustments and analysis for it to be successful. Over half of all campaigns with influencers end up failing and do not let it be you!

When beginning an agreement with an influencer, you will need to outline the basis of the partnership. Determining how many posts a week, what type of posts, how compensation will be based and your expectations are just some of the aspects that should be agreed upon. After the first few weeks or so make sure to analyze which strategies are working and which are not, and discuss with the influencer to make changes to your agreement. Social media platforms are also constantly adding new features or changing their algorithms, so re-evaluations will constantly be necessary to ensure your campaign’s success.  

Consider Micro-Influencers

With the widespread use of social media, it can be very difficult for any business or agent to capture the interest of potential customers. Especially over the past few years micro-influencers have become more popular and successful. These campaigns are targeted at a very specific audience. Examples of these can include a trip specializing in the history of soccer in Germany, or a European coin collecting tour. If you're a travel agent who specializes in a specific niche, this strategy may work best for you. In this case a high-profile influencer will probably not be suitable for you!


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