How Can Help You As a Travel Advisor During COVID-19
How Can Help You As a Travel Advisor During COVID-19

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the news updates and overload of information online? Are you never able to find the answer you were looking for? Have you been going in circles when doing research? If you are a travel agent who is struggling to find the most relevant information during COVID-19, we have just the solution for you!

Being a travel advisor is not an easy job especially during unprecedented times like these. It seems as though new information and research are being discovered and shared each second.

As a travel advisor, you have a responsibility towards your clients to provide updates on the status of their trip; including any foreseeable dangers or conflicts. However, there is an undeniable pressure for you to have all the right information at the right time. Unlike working at a bank or business, an independent travel advisor has to rely on themselves and the internet to answer all of their mind-boggling questions. However, there is an online platform made specifically for travel advisors like you, and best of all its completely free to sign up! All travel advisors is an online community that connects advisors from all over the world through forums and posts, and is a great platform to connect to those in the travel industry. Below are just a few reasons as to how can help travel advisors like yourself.

It is a safe space to ask questions

Ever tried searching up a question on Google, but despite the numerous ways you reword your question, the answer cannot be found? By posting on the forums, you can get a more appropriate answer while meeting advisors from different demographics. Don’t be afraid to ask anything, we are all on the same boat! Who knows, someone may have the same question as well!


Get advice from other travel advisors

As an independent travel advisor, more often than not you need to rely on your own instincts. However, with COVID disrupting the travel industry, deciding the next steps for your business can be challenging. Through discussion forums, you can post any questions/concerns you have and receive feedback from colleagues! The travel industry has grown tremendously over the past few years, but it still remains segregated. By joining the forums you are joining a unified global community for all advisors!

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Global directory for travel community is accessible to travel advisors all over the world. The travel industry has always been segregated between countries or provinces, making it hard to find the right people with the right information. has been able to facilitate a medium in which you can meet others in the travel industry by providing guidance or receiving help. Forums and postings can help travel advisors in different countries connect and provide updates on local news thereby raising awareness for all advisors.

Make your mark on the Map

Network in your industry is a great way to meet people in the travel industry. Not only can meet people through posting and answering forums, you can also directly message people to ask for help or guidance. Remember you are not alone, many other travel advisors are also nervous about what COVID can mean for the future of travel.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

All in all, is a great online platform that brings together the online community through daily news updates and online forums. Whether you are interested in becoming a travel advisor or you are an established one, guidance from others will help you keep your clients safe during and after the pandemic. To check out this great community click here !