Interview series with a Travel Advisor: Karan Morrow
Interview series with a Travel Advisor: Karan Morrow

The travel industry is in an interesting time right now - still recovering from the pandemic but slowly starting to pick up speed. Itinza had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Karan Morrow, CEO of Where2Next Travel, LLC, about her thoughts and insights into how COVID has changed the travel industry and where to go from here.

Karan Morrow has been running her business for 14 years now and started because of her genuine love for travel and planning trips. Her typical day of work consists of connecting with current and potential clients, building travel destination offerings and luxury itineraries, preparing for trade shows, working with travel providers, and so much more! When it comes to planning and connecting with clients to ensure their trip is the best it can be, Karan excels.

When asking Karan about her insights into the travel industry for 2022, she is optimistic and believes we are going to begin to see more travel movement shortly. Here are some key takeaways that every travel advisor and traveller should keep in mind this year and moving forward.

How the travel industry will change post-pandemic

Although travel will still be slow and uncertain for the beginning of 2022, Karan believes that travel will grow momentum come spring. We will start to see capacities lifting and restrictions opening up but a “continued commitment to cleanliness standards” and innovative ways of improving customer service. The most popular accommodations will shift from large chain hotels to smaller boutique hotels and villa or private home rentals. Moreover, travellers are wanting to spend a longer time in a destination and really take the time to enjoy their stay.

How travellers can stay safe when travelling  

One of the most important questions travellers will likely have when returning to travel after a two-year hiatus, is how they can stay safe and navigate COVID restrictions. Karan’s biggest tip is to always do what is required and to follow the protocols. “The return of safe travel is like a window slowly opening - we must remain diligent and not throw caution to the wind”. The best way that travel can continue to happen is for travellers to continue to do their job and adhere to all protocols.

A great way that can help travellers be aware of any COVID restrictions and requirements is to invest in travel assistance from travel advisors. Travel advisors are an amazing resource and will help travellers be aware and updated on all the changes happening with travel.

How the pandemic has impacted the work of travel advisors

Being a CEO while also working hands-on with clients and travel providers, Karan is constantly working on different tasks and with many different people. COVID has impacted her work by making the awareness and monitoring of any travel requirements and restrictions the most crucial aspect of being a travel advisor. “There are more moving parts than ever since the pandemic began, and as fast as one requirement is added, another one changes”. COVID has definitely added complications to the busy lives of travel advisors, but in the end, being flexible and adapting to change is one of the best skills that any advisor can have.

How travel advisors can adapt to the pandemic

With that being said, travel advisors can adapt to the constant changes in worldwide travel requirements by seeking out the best tools and databases available in order to keep up with changes to protocols. Karan believes that inviting her clients to be a part of the process and giving them the tools to stay informed as well, is the best approach to maintaining a strong relationship with the client. “As part of my terms and conditions, clients are informed that they too must keep abreast of what is required of them to travel and that they are responsible for that knowledge”.

All in all, travel advisors and travellers have had a difficult time during the pandemic, but they will come out stronger in the end. Travel is likely to resume very soon and when it does, travellers will be prepared.
A huge thank you goes out to Karan Morrow for taking the time to speak with us and provide us with a chance to highlight one of the incredible travel advisors on Itinza’s global travel directory platform. Be sure to check out Karan’s profile here, and make sure you continue to stay updated on our blog for more insights into the travel advisory!