Interview series with a Travel Advisor: George Alexandrou
Interview series with a Travel Advisor: George Alexandrou

An Interview With George Alexandrou

As our team continues to search for new perspectives and insights, there is no better way to do so than to learn from the experts themselves. We are pleased to carry on with our interview series and acquire knowledge from George Alexandrou, the charismatic founder of Alexandrou Travel Design. With curiosity about the future of travel on the rise, we are so excited to share George’s compelling experience within the industry with all of you. Don’t forget to take note of the company’s adaptability strategies to the variety of pandemic-related challenges at hand.

Background of Interviewee & Company

George fell in love with travel from a very young age. He claims that travel was a part of him from a very young age when he would drag an empty suitcase to the airport and pretend to get on a plane. Fast forward many years later and here we are; Alexandrou Travel Design embodies George’s true and never-ending passion for travel. George’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own company and specialize in working with multi-generational families. The company differentiates itself by focusing on personalized experiences and going the extra mile for clients. He has worked hard to build a variety of trusted partnerships to elevate the consumer experience. George and his partner, Ioannis Zogkas, leverage their in-depth knowledge of cultures around the world to bring each traveller’s dream to life. From family holidays to honeymoon getaways, luxury is infused into each experience. With adventure travel, safari expeditions, cruising, yachting and more to choose from, the possibilities are endless and the fun never ends.

“We make our clients the star.”

Alexandrou Travel Design takes the approach of beginning the planning or relationship-building process by determining the client’s expectations. George recognizes the importance of making the clients speak to what they want and what matters most to them. This is done by asking a variety of questions such as, “Tell me about a great trip you went on and what about that trip made it a positive experience?” One of the many great things about George’s agency that allows clients to make long-lasting memories are the partnerships available. Alexandrou Travel Design is an Independent Affiliate Of First in Service, a Member of Virtuoso. By working with a Virtuoso advisor or agency, there are many perks and benefits available compared to booking on your own. The partnership with Virtuoso has helped George deliver on the promise of luxury since top priority is given to clients associated with the membership program. Looking for some VIP treatment? Alexandrou Travel Design won’t let you down!

“Travel with a purpose.”

In today’s social and economic landscape, there are a variety of external pressures and intrinsic motivators to give back. Whether that be to your community or the environment, there are many ways travellers and travel advisors can change their behaviours for the benefit of all. Hoping on this trend, George and his partner focus on promoting travelling with a purpose on social media every Friday. Sol Y Luna is an example of a property in Peru where value was created for the local communities. Once things are back to normal, Alexandrou Travel Design plans on giving a portion of its sales back to one or two good causes at the end of the year. When looking into partnering with an advisor or agency, take a moment to consider how they are giving back. Check out George and Ioannis’s purpose to learn more about these amazing partnerships.

“In the midst of this craziness, there was a chance to reflect.”

Throughout the interview with George, many conversation topics revolved around the challenges brought forth by Covid-19. Although the industry has struggled severely during the prolonged global lockdown, Alexandrou Travel Design has taken this opportunity to plan for the future. George explained that his team thought critically about what was not working and then implemented strategies to improve those downfalls. Most of the focus boiled down to marketing tactics and brand redesign. An effort was made to move away from “spammy behaviour” and never tell clients what to do. Instead, communication was meant to be informative and supportive in order to encourage a “dream later” mentality for future travels. While focusing on internal travel within Canada during Covid, the luxury of time has helped Alexandrou Travel Design prepare for when international travel resumes.

A huge thank you goes out to George. We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us and bringing our team one step closer to creating a platform of interconnectivity for travellers and travel advisors all over the world. For more information on what Itinza offers, please visit our website.