New Brunswick Road Trip
New Brunswick Road Trip

As COVID-19 leads more and more travellers to question the safety of flying to foreign countries, domestic road trips are becoming a popular option for those who wish to get out of the house. If you are seeking a trip filled with natural beauty, the Fundy Coast is not only an admired destination in New Brunswick but is a highlight of Canada’s entire Maritime region. Whether you are looking to hike some of Canada’s best national parks or visit important Canadian historical sites, exploring the Fundy Coast is a must, especially for residents of New Brunswick. This blog will summarize a six-day road trip for Canadians who want to travel and experience one of the most beautiful areas of eastern Canada. The official itinerary for this road trip will be listed on under the Trending Travel itineraries section.

Day 1: Moncton

Being one of New Brunswick’s largest cities, you should definitely begin your seven-day journey exploring Moncton. If you are interested in Canadian history, be sure to visit Moncton’s historic sites and landmarks such as the RCMP Memorial and the Free Meeting House. On the other hand, visiting Magnetic Hill is a good option for travellers who want to experience a more thrilling activity. This unique landmark is one of the few places on Earth where you can experience a life-size optical illusion and consists of your car rolling uphill by itself. After this, a great way to end your day is to spend some time hiking, walking, or biking in Centennial Park. This park is located right in the middle of the city and is perfect for those who wish to escape the busy city atmosphere.

Day 2: Moncton to Alma

Once you are satisfied with your stay in Moncton, your next stop should be Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal Visitor Centre, which is just outside of Moncton. Depending on the amount of time you are willing to allocate at this destination, you will need about 6 hours if you wish to see both the high tide and the low tide at the Hopewell Rocks. During the low tide you will be able to walk on the ocean floor within the 3-hour time frame. Another fun activity while here is to join a kayak trip around Hopewell Rocks. After you leave Hopewell Rocks and travel towards Fundy National Park, you may want to make a stop at Cape Enrage to observe the glorious ocean view from cliffs and explore a historic lighthouse. You can also go zip lining here if you are up to it. Once you reach Alma, consider having dinner at the town’s famous lobster shop. You can then end your day in Fundy National Park or Alma, which is a small town just outside of the park.

Day 3: Fundy National Park to Saint John

A great way for you to start your day off is to experience the natural beauty of Fundy National Park. From hiking and biking to kayaking and swimming, you won’t run out of things to do during your brief visit. When you leave Fundy National Park be sure to make a stop at St Martin on your way to Saint John. If you are in St. Martin when there is a low tide, you should explore the scenic beauty of the Sea Caves. Otherwise, check out the Fundy Trail that is filled with a variety of unique ocean lookouts. When you finally reach Saint John there are several historical sites that are worth visiting, including the Imperial Theatre, New Brunswick Museum, and Loyalist House. In regard to those who value natural attractions, visiting Rockwood Park or Irving’s Nature Park are great options. After you eat at one of the town’s tasty restaurants, you should end your day by walking along the harbourfront and admiring the many ships.

Day 4: Saint John to Saint Andrews

After your stay in Saint John be sure to leave as early as possible in the morning in order to free up time for all the activities in Saint Andrews. Although Saint Andrews has many unique experiences to offer, make sure that you prioritize a visit in the Kingsbrae Garden. The Kingsbrae Garden is a jaw-dropping display of modern horticulture consisting of 27 acres of themed gardens, peacocks, and windmills. Other worthwhile activities include going on a whale watching tour and visiting the popular biking/hiking trails on Minister’s Island.

Day 5: Saint Andrews to Fredericton

Once you are satisfied with your stay in Saint Andrews it is time to make your way towards Fredericton, the provincial capital of New Brunswick. When you finally arrive in Fredericton be sure to visit Officer’s Square in the Historic Garrison District, which occasionally hosts musical performances by soldiers in ceremonial uniforms. If you want to experience nature while in Fredericton, take a scenic stroll through Odell Park where you can witness every tree species in New Brunswick.

Day 6: Fredericton to Moncton

Prior to departing Fredericton, take some time to appreciate the Canadian art at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. Before you drive back to Moncton, you can conclude your memorable journey by visiting the Christ Church Cathedral, a National Historic Site built in the early 1800’s.