Our Story – The Journey of Itinza
Our Story – The Journey of Itinza

With a passion for travel and bringing people together, Anastasia Talas set out to develop a platform with big aspirations to meet the needs present within the travel industry. By utilizing her personal and professional experiences and skills, Itinza was born.

An opportunity knocked. We answered.

In today’s tech-savvy world, travel preparation can be a very daunting task due to the plethora of information available online. Itinza’s founders came to this realization through years of personal travel experience. When it came to putting time aside to conduct all necessary research, it was consistently hard to determine which information was most accurate and reliable. The feeling of being overwhelmed and frustrated sparked an idea. Why not create a solution? The wheels were turning, and innovation was well underway to bring those ideas to life.

“Instead of freaking out about these constraints, embrace them. Let them guide you. Constraints drive innovation and force focus. Instead of trying to remove them, use them to your advantage.” - 37 Signals

Like all things in life, nothing worth achieving ever comes easy. Throughout the past 2 years, entrepreneurial spirit and hard work were key ingredients that allowed the platform to progress and reach the point it is at today. As of January 2020, Anastassia took her first big step into the industry by attending the New York travel show. Since then, the hands-on exposure was motivation to never look back.

City of Dreams

What Does Itinza Have to Offer?

Itinza is overjoyed to announce the opening of Phase 1 of our website. Make your way to https://www.itinza.com/ to discover the different components and resources that are offered to any and all individuals. Whether you are a travel guru or hoping to serve your clients to the best of your ability as a travel advisor, constant updates will be coming your way. Through a variety of marketing and advertising efforts, awareness is on the rise. During the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Itinza has remained agile in order to provide updates on the rapid changes occurring around the world and keep Travel Advisors connected through their global directory. But wait, there’s more! Travel itineraries are coming to life, and a reliable search engine for any travel-related questions you may have is in the making. As a travel advisor, Itinza’s forum: https://www.alltraveladvisors.com/ is 100% dedicated to you by uniting the experiences and information of all individuals alike and unique within the profession. Don’t be afraid to sign up… it’s free!

Itinza’s Mission

Spoken proudly, the company’s mission is to be a globally recognized and trusted platform that connects travellers and travel experts in order to facilitate travel planning worldwide. In addition, the online resource is in place to provide new income opportunities to local travel experts from various parts of the world.

Lightroom Presets available (link in profile).

Toronto: Our Home

Itinza’s dedicated founder has spent many years living in and travelling to different parts of the world. Although born and raised in Russia, Anastassia chose to settle down and start a family in the great white north, otherwise known as Canada. Itinza was founded in Toronto, Ontario along with many other tech start-ups. As the year 2020 is well underway, reflecting on some key changes and milestones for the city of Toronto is only fitting. 2019 was a year of major investment and success. In the first three quarters of last year, Toronto received 30% of the venture capital funding for the entire country. Setting a record for Canadian tech deals, $1.4 billion was spread across 119 different investments. As a company, Itinza is proud to be immersed in an evolving marketplace that constantly encourages innovation and evolution.