Road Trip Across Alberta
Road Trip Across Alberta

Alberta is a perfect destination for a road trip, with some of the most beautiful parks and mountain range. There are many other activities to make your road trip the best gets away you’ve had. The places will take you through Alberta’s history from prehistoric times to modern days while giving you an in-depth appreciation of Alberta’s awe-inspiring landscapes.

Heritage Park Historical Village

When having the option to ride in a thundering steam train to midway rides to beautifully preserved heritage buildings and homesteads, deciding what to do first is not easy at all. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Heritage Park is Canada's largest living museum. There are 100s of exhibits, rides, shops, and restaurants to keep the young at heart busy. No two days at the park are the same, go there as much as you’d like for a history lesson. Park is open from mid-May to early October.

Banff Gondola

Soar to the top of Sulphur Mountain to experience a stunning bird's-eye view of six incredible mountain ranges. Glide up over the treetops to the crest of a steep-sided Rocky Mountain peak and step out into a jaw-dropping mountaintop experience at an elevation of 2,281 metres. Stroll along the boardwalk where the views get better with every step. Then warm up in the newly transformed, state-of-the-art summit facility. With restaurants, interactive interpretive exhibits, a multi-sensory theatre and a breathtaking 360-degree rooftop observation deck, the new Banff Gondola summit heightens every sense.

The Calgary Zoo

From the splendor of the Rocky Mountains to the heart of Destination Africa, The Calgary Zoo takes you to see almost 900 animals from around the world. Trek through the gorilla’s rainforest, over the Savannah to watch the hippos swim, or climb the Canadian Wilds to see a grizzly bear. Cool off with 4 species of penguins in our popular Penguin Plunge or visit endangered red pandas and amur tigers in Eurasia! Wind down your trip with a walk through our fragrant Dorothy Harvie Gardens or sit with the butterflies in ENMAX Conservatory. You'll love knowing that every visit helps protect endangered animals at home and in the wild.

Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Valley glacier sheared of hard rock to cause a cliff and the glacial stream whittled away rocks to form the canyon. The view from the top is impeccable. Walk along the interpretive trail along the Athabasca river and learn about the Athabasca river and the waterfall. Hike along the canyon and marvel at the deep canyon from various lookouts. Cross the concrete bridge, climb down the stairs to the bottom of the falls to see the canyon caused by earlier erosion and appreciate the might of flowing water. Notice the tiny plants, mosses, lichens, trees that have found a foothold in the narrow crevices of the Canyon. The Athabasca Falls is a sight for sore eyes, and the playground of the adventurous.
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