Road Trip Across Ontario
Road Trip Across Ontario

With COVID-19 leading many avid travellers to stray away from flying to foreign nations, Canadians have begun to travel domestically and appreciate the beauty of their own country. Although there are countless jaw-dropping locations in Ontario, the Georgian Bay area is arguably one of the best regions of Canada for Ontario residents to explore this summer. From visiting the Blue Mountains in Collingwood to enjoying the beauty of Manitoulin Island, this blog will summarize a six-day road trip for Canadian travellers who want to enjoy the Georgian Bay area. Follow our custom built itinerary for an easy and seamless trip:

Day 1: Toronto to Blue Mountain

The first stop on your six-day journey should definitely be the Blue Mountains located in Grey County near Collingwood, Ontario. Whether you are seeking active adventure or a relaxing spa paradise, the Blue Mountain Resort never fails to satisfy your needs and is Ontario’s only year-round resort and spa. From fine dining to shopping, the Blue Mountain Village has everything you need to enjoy the first day of your trip. Even though you will only be here for a day or two, there are an endless amount of activities that you can experience, including beautiful hiking trails, canoeing and kayaking, rock climbing, and exploring the Scenic Caves.

Day 2: Blue Mountain to Tobermory

Although you can stay at Blue Mountain for as long as you want, if you intend to follow the itinerary, it is crucial that you get an early start to fully experience all that is available when driving to Tobermory. About 45 minutes from Collingwood be sure to visit the Inglis Falls for an amazing view. After that, when continuing to travel to Tobermory you should allocate some time to experience Bruce Peninsula National Park. Whether it is the limestone cliffs or the clear water, this national park is filled with natural beauty. Once you make your way to Tobermory, make sure to try the town’s famous white fish and to end your day watching the breathtaking sunset from the waterfront.

Day 3: Tobermory to Manitoulin Island

If you feel that you haven’t spent enough time in Tobermory, be sure to explore the fishing town as well as Flower Pot Island prior to travelling to Manitoulin Island by ferry. When exploring Tobermory a unique activity would be to board a glass-bottom boat tour where you can witness over 20 shipwrecks. While on Flower Pot Island, be sure to try scuba diving and to keep an eye out for the massive flower pots that hang over 60 feet high. After you take the ferry to Manitoulin Island, try something different for your accommodation by staying in a tipi offered both by Gordon's Park and Tekhummah Tipis.

Day 4: Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world and is rich with authentic, natural experiences. If you are interested in the island’s First Nations culture, the Great Spirit Circle Trail offers detailed itineraries that allow you to experience and understand an accurate representation of the area from an Indigenous perspective. While on the island, it is important that you join a sacred First Nations pow wow that consists of music, dance, storytelling, and great food. Moreover, the island is filled with many hiking trails that vary in length and difficulty. One of the most popular is the Cup and Saucer trail, which showcases large cliffs and an outstanding view.

Day 5: Manitoulin Island to Sudbury to Killarney to Parry Sound

On your way back to Toronto you should stop at Sudbury to admire the historic mining town and visit the famous Big Nickel. Once you feel satisfied with your visit in Sudbury, make sure to explore Killarney Provincial Park. This is one of the most popular wildlife destinations in Ontario and has some of the best hiking trails in the province. After your long day of hiking and spending time outdoors, staying the night in Parry Sound is a comfortable option.

Day 6: Parry Sound to Wasaga Beach to Toronto

A great way to start your day in Parry Sound is to explore some of the town’s 30,000 islands by canoe or kayak. As you make your way back home, be sure to stop at Wasaga Beach to enjoy the Main Street Market and waterfront. However, if you feel like doing some more hiking then visiting Wasaga Beach Provincial Park may be a better option for you.