Top 3 Proven Ways for Travel Agents to Boost Sales
Top 3 Proven Ways for Travel Agents to Boost Sales

As you may or may not know, the travel industry is one of the largest in the world. In the last couple of years, luxury tourism had grown into one of the biggest and fastest-growing economic sectors. Due to the fact this industry encompasses a wide range of business types, there is also a wide variety of customer needs looking to be met. That being said, travel and tourism is an easy industry to break into because of the many niche markets that exist. However, the large players that dominate the overall market make it difficult to stand out and make your presence known to individuals searching for assistance. To help you boost sales and bring in more revenue, here are some tips to consider!

Utilize Technology

The internet has changed many aspects of daily life. If you guessed booking trips and seeking travel help has evolved over the years as a result, you would be right. In terms of boosting sales, ensuring convenience and efficiency are two factors that will help you do so. By utilizing technology to provide online options, your ability to meet a wider spectrum of needs is much stronger. One specific option to help improve customer satisfaction would be to incorporate an integrated booking and search engine tool to help your customers 24/7. By doing so, you decrease bottlenecks within the company and avoid manual input errors. Another aspect of technology that is important to address is social media and how online platforms contribute to marketing as well as effective communication. Individuals looking to plan their next big trip turn to social media for help, advice and ideas. Creating and maintaining a strong presence is likely to get you noticed. Therefore, more customers equal higher sales! The fact of the matter is actually very simple. The faster travel agents understand the need for a variety of innovative tools and databases, the more effectively they will be able to reach new clients. And not only that but the ability to offer a luxurious and modern experience that new generations crave goes through the roof.

Never Stop Exploring

As mentioned above, social media can certainly be an effective tool. But keep in mind, it is not the only tool at your disposal. There are many associated benefits with taking a hands-on approach. Whether you are trying to find new clients or do a better job of serving existing ones, going to when your customers spend time is a step in the right direction in finding what you are searching for. David Feldsott, founder, and CEO of PanTrek, says he, “went out to find our potential customers, in the real world,”. As an online travel agency, PanTrek was aware of who their typical consumers were. These consumers included students, backpackers, and young professionals. Therefore, David chose to visit universities to advertise and promote the company. In addition, he visited hostels and hotels to ask questions about the company’s website and appeal. Even without technology, we all have the ability to follow David’s example and be proactive.

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Connect with Old Clients

Another great way to boost sales as a travel agent is to reach out to old clients. With the help of technology, databases will display a list with the names of individuals that have travelled with your company over the years. In addition to that, you might discover that certain clients take a yearly trip each summer. Making the effort to reach out and offer your help prior to that one-year mark shows that you care and that they are valued. Providing this uniquely personal and human experience is a fantastic way to promote long-term commitment in years to come. The returning clients are a great group to reach out to for reviews and testimonials. Due to the fact they return, they would likely be satisfied with the service you provided them. Most satisfied individuals would not hesitate to relay positive information. Not only do your good reviews get passed along to friends and family, but also might cause a total stranger to choose your agency over another!

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