Top 4 Ways That Travel Advisors Can Help Plan Their Clients’ Dream Trips During COVID-19
Top 4 Ways That Travel Advisors Can Help Plan Their Clients’ Dream Trips During COVID-19

With all of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the future of travel, the fear of the unknown has become more frightening, especially since many countries have begun opening up travel bans. Travel advisors may soon begin to see how many clients may face traveler’s anxiety. Despite this, your role as a travel advisor should be to reassure your clients to keep a positive outlook on their future travels; focus in on the sound of crashing waves and the hot sun on your face. Evidently, you may also find that many of your clients finally have spare time! Use this time to connect with travellers and suggest that now is the perfect opportunity to plan their dream vacation!

But how can an advisor plan a trip without knowing what the future holds for many countries? Will your clients even want to hop on an airplane anytime soon? In spite of all the unknowns, the only thing that we can be certain about is that one day life will resume and travel once again will flourish.

1) Reach Out and Connect

Just like everyone else, your clients are probably getting sick of being cooped up in their house. Send them an email to inquire about their well-being and connect with them. Then, ask about their future travel plans and recommend that this is a great time to consider planning their dream vacation. Enlighten them on the benefits of planning their getaway now. Whether it’s that your clients can be super involved in the planning process, or that planning for a future tropical paradise can take their minds off of the present, ensure that you highlight reasons applicable to your clients.

2) Follow-up with Clients Whenever They Choose to Take Their Trip

One of the main reasons travellers are hesitant to plan their vacations now is because of the uncertainty of the future. There will always be risk when planning ahead, and restaurants and tourist attractions may be permanently closed by the time it is safe to travel again. Assure your clients that if these changes do happen, you are more than happy to make changes to their itinerary, free of cost. Offer to check over their itinerary before their departure so their trip will run smoothly. These tips can reduce the risk of planning ahead and ensure your clients are satisfied with their vacation.

3) Offer Solutions

Many travellers already had vacations planned for the summer. As their travel advisor, offer your clients options around their previous plans. Rather than cancel the trip altogether, suggest that they postpone the trip and offer to make modifications to turn that trip into their dream getaway. Postponing the trip will also give your clients something to look forward to!

4) Make It Clear That You Are Here To Help

As a travel advisor you have a responsibility towards your clients and even though their trips may be cancelled, your job is not. Offer help and keep your clients informed on news or update them on the destination of their cancelled trip. Many people can become overwhelmed by the numerous news outlets and stories. Being well informed during these times is exactly what your customers need. With that being said, maybe the opening of Greece can inspire your client to take a vacation there too!

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