Travel Advisor networking during and post Covid
Travel Advisor networking during and post Covid

One of the most important ways to become successful in the travel industry is to make the right connections with the right people. Since travel advisors provide services to others, the skills  you bring to the table needs to be distinguishable from the rest. Thus, the people you create relationships with should provide value to your business;  the most important factor to keep in mind is how you can help each other. When meeting other people be sure to keep an open mind, and remember networking isn’t all about business, it's important to understand the person you are talking to.

Networking with Clients

One of the most important jobs of a travel advisor is to provide a personalized experience for your clients. This begins with understanding what your customers want and need are and how you are able to fulfill them; all of which can be done on a phone call from the comfort of your home. Clients want to see that you are passionate about what you do. If you are a travel advisor with a special skill of service use it to your advantage and show them why you are a good match for their trip.

During covid all client networking should be strictly online for health and safety reasons. However, a meaningful connection doesn't mean you need to be there face to face. By sending clients news articles or lists of potential travel destinations, you can successfully understand what they are looking for and score a new client.

Networking with Other Advisors

Arguably one of the most important kinds of networking for a travel agent is with his/her peers.  Traditionally these networking sessions would be at agent industry events, resorts, or conferences, however, for the next while, we can assume most of these will be moved online. This implicates that not only will these conference calls be more accessible to you, you have the opportunity to network with agents across the world. Agents will be the most understanding and relatable. They can understand what you are going through which makes their advice more application and helpful.

Networking with Suppliers

One of the biggest mistakes advisors make when networking with suppliers is they often lose track of their objectives. Set clear goals for yourself; understand what you want to gain and what you can bring to the table. With all of the recent cancellations and unexpected turn of events, suppliers are crucial to make travel during and after the pandemic run as smoothly as possible.

Reaching out to suppliers will require online communication. Your relationships with other agents will play a big role in the suppliers you meet online since personal information is not always available online. Ensure that the supplier you are working with is reliable and has a fair cancellation policy. Your relationship to them means nothing without happy clients.

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