What You Need in Your COVID-19 Travel Kit
What You Need in Your COVID-19 Travel Kit

With an increasing number of regions across the world easing lockdown restrictions and reopening their borders, travel is starting to resume again. However, despite the fact that more countries are beginning to open up, it is important to not have a false sense of security and to always be prepared when travelling. As travellers look to explore new places or simply get back to work, many are wondering what precautions they need to take in order to remain safe. With this in mind, here is a list of the must-have items that health experts encourage people to carry on any trip in today’s COVID-19 world:


Although many places like airports and hospitals require them, it is important to understand that you should be wearing a mask in most public facilities when you are travelling. In addition to carrying a few spares, make sure that your mask covers both your nose and your mouth. Almost every health expert has confirmed that not wearing a face mask can drastically increase the likelihood of a person contracting the COVID-19 virus.


Aside from a sore throat, frequent coughing and shortness of breath, a fever is one of the primary indicators that you have been exposed to the coronavirus. Considering this, be sure to pack a travel thermometer for your trip in order to assist you in accurately monitoring your body temperature. If you bring a thermometer, you will not only be able to quickly recognize early symptoms, but will also help ensure the safety of those around you by self-isolating.

Hand Sanitizer

Even though it would be ideal if you could refrain from touching every surface you encounter while travelling, this is very unlikely. As a result, it is crucial that you equip yourself with hand sanitizer and use it immediately after you touch surfaces that others may have come into contact with. Moreover, it is important that you make a consistent effort to not touch your face, especially right after you touch a surface.

Disinfectant Wipes

Another solution to prevent the contraction of COVID-19 during your travels is to use bleach or hydrogen-peroxide based cleaning wipes to remove the virus from surfaces. While the majority of hotels state that they adequately clean your room prior to your arrival, it would be wise to use disinfectant wipes to ensure that your space is thoroughly sterilized. This applies to any location that you will be situated in for a prolonged period of time, including airplane seats, rental cars, and even your restaurant table.

Isopropyl Wipes

Other than your body and clothing, the average person touches their phone more than anything. This is an issue because it creates another way for you to contract COVID-19. As a response, major smartphone companies have advised people to use isopropyl wipes to regularly sanitize their phones. Be sure to pack some of these wipes if you intend to use your smartphone frequently during your travels.

Non-Perishable Food

Unless you are travelling to a secure resort that is separated from the rest of society, you may want to prepare some food and water for your trip. This is because even though most restaurants and grocery stores have reopened, the unpredictable nature of the virus could lead to the unexpected closure of these establishments while you are away. This would most likely occur due to an unanticipated outbreak in the area that you are staying in. Ultimately, you do not want to be stuck without food and water when you are away from home.