Why “Bucket-List” Travel Is the Next Biggest Travel Trend
Why “Bucket-List” Travel Is the Next Biggest Travel Trend

With almost two years into the pandemic, people are yearning to travel and explore again. What’s more, an increasing amount of people are wanting to splurge and book once-in-a-lifetime trips. If the pandemic has taught us one major thing, it’s that we need to seize every opportunity that comes our way and experience as much as we can in life. With that being said, “bucket-list” travel is one of the biggest trends in the travel industry for 2022.

This year, not only will travel be a fun way to get away from everyday life, but it will also be a popular form of self-care. Travel improves your mental health immensely and relieves stress. Experiencing new places and cultures can be a great reset for your body and mind and will also help with personal growth and development. All in all, people want a break now more than ever, and travelling will continue to be one of the best ways to relax and de-stress.

Moreover, there is an increasing sense of urgency to travel and a prevalent seize-the-moment mindset among many people. Travellers are looking to splurge on destination vacations and want to experience new things such as different foods, fun activities, and unique attractions. International destinations such as The Bahamas, Bora Bora, Italy, France, and Spain are “bucket-list” places that are becoming highly popular in 2022.

These bigger, more splurge-worthy trips may require more planning than usual, which has resulted in an increased demand for travel advisors and travel agents. Travel advisors are very helpful resources and can make your trip-planning process a piece of cake. Additionally, travel advisors can help travellers be aware and updated on all the COVID-19 restrictions and requirements for their destination.

So this year, take the time for yourself and your mental well-being and book that vacation that you have always wanted to go on. After all, there’s no time like the present. Book a session with one of our amazing travel advisors right here at Itinza, and enjoy your trip!