Why Travel Advisors Should Be Directing Clients to the only Relais & Châteaux in Ontario, Canada
Why Travel Advisors Should Be Directing Clients to the only Relais & Châteaux in Ontario, Canada

Are you a travel advisor eager to learn and gain some insight on a hidden, but nevertheless beautiful destination in southern Ontario? Time to listen up! It is becoming increasingly important to keep your clients aware of the changes that are constantly happening around us. As a result, experts within the travel industry have to remain on their toes and be able to recommend unique attractions. In the midst of Covid-19, finding the perfect getaway spot, one that is safe and memorable, can be difficult. When people turn to you, Itinza is here to help you succeed.

Within the Itinza Directory, there are many great ideas to help travellers and travel advisors jump-start the planning process of the next trip on the agenda. Langdon Hall is our newest find that we wanted to share with all of you! This hotel/spa is one of the reasons why you should be directing your clients to the Kitchener-Waterloo Region. Not only would you be supporting a small company rather than a large corporate entity, but the cultural experience associated with each visit will also leave its visitors wanting to come back for more.

The History

Located in Cambridge, Ontario, Langdon Hall is enriched with many years of family history. Eugene Langdon Wilks had originally purchased the property in 1858 with the intent to use it as a summer home. After generations in the family, William Bennett and Mary Beaton purchased the property that had grown to over 1000 acres in 1987. They turned their dream of owning a country house hotel into a reality. Over 30 years and two expansions later, here we are. Interestingly enough, Langdon Hall is part of the Relais & Châteaux hotels and this particular property is the only one in Ontario!

The Appeal

Langdon Hall is said to be a special place where many have found it to be “a home away from home”. The private residence has embraced its British heritage that combines beautiful landscapes and gloriously green gardens. Many reservations have been undertaken in order to encompass a Victorian ambiance. If you have not yet been convinced of its appeal, take the word of some industry professionals. Langdon Hall has earned the prestigious CAA/AAA

Four Diamond Accommodation Award for 28 years and counting. In addition, food critics and big-time chefs have voted Langdon Hall to be amongst the best restaurants in the country, ranking 4th on the list in 2019. Chef Jason Bangerter is an influential leader in the culinary scene due to years of national and international experience. His high standards and passion have helped Langdon Hall achieve immense amounts of recognition. As a travel advisor, keep an eye out for clients that have a soft spot for food and culture. This is the place for them.  

The Experience

Wondering what there is to do once you arrive? Take notes because the list is practically never-ending. It is safe to say that Langdon Hall has numerous on-site activities that will make for quite an eventful stay. Upon arrival, one will notice the efforts put into the gardens. Garden and history tours as well as trail walks allow guests to explore the surrounding beauty. In advance of the booking, individuals have the option to engage in wine tastings and culinary activities. On top of that, if swimming and the spa are not enough, Cambridge has a surprising amount of opportunities to stay busy. Since safety is a very relevant concern for travellers and a topic travel advisors should keep an eye out for, let’s address Langdon’s policies. As stated within one of the establishment’s blog posts, Langdon hall is “continuously reviewing and updating our policies and procedures based on advice from public health authorities”. Langdon Hall’s website provides a great list of additional ideas and information. And if you are looking to add this destination to your account itinerary, go to www.itinza.com and make it part of your canadian travel itinerary. Check it out!