Why Travel Advisors Should be Shifting Their Focus in 2021: An Interview With Moreno Moretti
Why Travel Advisors Should be Shifting Their Focus in 2021: An Interview With Moreno Moretti

In the last couple of weeks, our very own founder, Anastassia, has been hard at work. With the goal to discover new perspectives surrounding industry change and growth, an interview was conducted with Moreno Moretti. Moreno is the founder and CEO of Italy Charme, an Italian travel agency focused on luxury and experience. With his knowledge and experience overseas, he was able to share some insight into how travel advisors should be shifting focus in order to combat the many challenges present within the industry. It is important to uncover and discuss information from a global standpoint to be well versed on how to take a step forward considering the many setbacks 2020 imposed.  We could not be more excited to share this newfound knowledge with all of you!

Background of Interviewee & Company

Although Morena comes from a family specializing in farming and agriculture, he chose to get an education in tourism marketing. With this knowledge, Moreno began organizing activities for clients in his local region such as biking and cooking classes while learning English and developing skills along the way. Based in central Italy just south of Bologna, Italy Charme was founded in 2010. Approximately 6 years ago, operations expanded nationwide. Italy Charme is a boutique travel company with 4 employees. These employees live and work out of cities such as Rome and Milan. Together, the team works hard to take care of accommodations and logistics, to help create the best travel experience possible. An interesting fact about Moreno is he helped an American chef write a book about Mediterranian cuisine!

“It’s a jungle out there!”

As a result of Covid-19, we feel as though people are leaning towards seeking professional help due to the vast array of unknowns all over the world. Travellers are looking for professionals to help them with their travels but are having a hard time finding one. To quote Moreno Moretti, “it’s a jungle out there”. Morena believes that in order to stand out amongst the competition, it is increasingly important to offer superior service. Over the years, Italy Charme and its team of hardworking individuals have come to understand that every lead or client is unique and different from the rest. The company put time and effort in on the front end of the relationship to find out what the expectations are and their reasoning for choosing Italy as their destination. Throughout the discussion with Moreno, he demonstrated that trying new things is important. Prior to Covid, the company launched an experiment to test group accommodations rather than just a typical hotel. Travel advisors should be willing to experiment and test out new waters in hopes of increasing brand awareness.

“Waiting for the storm to pass ...”

Pre-covid, the travel industry was booming. With major technological advancements in recent years, job flexibility has promoted telecommuting and working from home. The desire to experience new things was on the rise and people were motivated to go and see the world. We are all familiar with the phase, the calm before the storm, and this storm has taken longer than anticipated to pass. Moreno relays that it is crucial to evolve in the time being to be well prepared for when this whirlwind of craziness finally passes. The company’s strategy before Covid was business-to-consumer sales. Italy Charme has made an effort to create partnerships with companies such as Itinza and ambassadors around the country. This helps drive leads to promote future growth. In addition, Morano has seen the value in improving online presence. Therefore, a push for blog posts and public relations has been on the rise. Although travel is not necessarily in the cards for right now, there was a time before Covid and there will be a time after. Travel advisors must reflect on their strengths and weaknesses in order to know how to improve in the years to come. Don’t be afraid to be proactive.

“With challenge and change comes opportunity ...”

Take a second to imagine the streets of Italy in the past. Overcrowding and tourism came to mind right? Well, Morano sheds light on his experience in Rome a couple of months ago. “The streets were empty because people are too afraid to be in big cities”. The catastrophic events have resulted in Florence and Venice going bankrupt. In the face of challenge, we must recognize the opportunities to overcome hardship. Italy Charme will be focusing their efforts and resources on customized itineraries catered to each client. Due to the fact people will want to avoid big cities, sustainable and outdoor experiences will be promoted. While people are gearing up to be prepared for the late spring and summer of 2021, Morano thinks the changes will be positive. With the push to support local, Italy Charme has capitalized on creating experiences true to the Italian culture. Other travel advisors should aim to do the same within thier own realm of expertise. Travel advisors will need to alter their services and tailor their offerings to the specific, niche segments they want to reach. Be radiant and strong to provide the best service possible moving forward.

A huge thank you goes out to Moreno Moretti for speaking with us here at Itinza. Our goal is to create a platform that interconnects travellers and travel advisors from all over the world. We appreciate Moreno’s Italian perspective and applicable insights. For more information on what Itinza offers, please visit our website.