How Travel Advisors Will Become a Crucial Part of Your Post-COVID Trip Planning
How Travel Advisors Will Become a Crucial Part of Your Post-COVID Trip Planning

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the travel industry in an unimaginable amount of ways. However, one thing that has become clear amid our struggle with COVID-19 is that travel advisors will have an increasingly important role in travel, with 57% of Canadians more likely to use their services after the pandemic. Travelweek’s COVID-19 Consumer Survey has acknowledged that this new confidence is partially due to Canadian travel advisors helping thousands of Canadians return home as the country’s borders were closing in March. Travel advisors are not only able to effectively handle emergency situations that you may encounter on your trip, but they can also help you navigate through a world significantly changed by the pandemic. That being said, here are 5 reasons why you need a travel advisor for your post-COVID vacation:

1. They fully understand your destination

Considering the fact that tourist destinations are not reopening simultaneously, if you are travelling somewhere, your travel advisor knows that location well. This is because travel advisors are currently spending a large portion of their time researching and becoming experts on destinations as they reopen to international tourists. From knowing where all the best restaurants are to understanding any COVID-related restrictions in place, travel advisors keep aware of everything so that you don’t have to. The extensive knowledge that travel advisors have on your destination will not only allow you to have a memorable trip but will also ensure that you remain safe throughout your vacation.

2. They are always here for you

With COVID-19 giving rise to many travel nightmares such as people being stuck at places when international borders are closed and an abnormal increase in people seeking help with rebooking, travellers have never felt more alone. By hiring a travel advisor, you will have the peace of mind that someone will be watching your back, no matter where you are in the world. Even when your advisor is not working, the vast majority of these professionals have a 24/7 service number that you can call. Travel advisors are also eager to quickly help you with your non-COVID related issues such as flight cancellations and problems with your resort. Essentially, from the time you leave your door to your return, a travel advisor would have your entire journey in focus.

3. They leverage supplier relationships to improve your trip

While travel advisors are a resource for travellers, positive relationships with supplier partners are a crucial resource for advisors. Travel advisors regularly communicate with your hotel to make sure that you receive the best hospitality possible. This constant communication is especially important considering the frequency at which policies and services could change in the post-COVID world. In addition, by talking with suppliers on a regular basis to see what kinds of safety precautions they will be taking, your travel advisor can help you stay safe.

4. They can easily get you a refund if need be

Another reason why you need a travel advisor for your post-COVID trip is that they pay close attention to the details and can make sure you get your money back if necessary. Although this is mainly due to the close relationships that advisors have with suppliers such as airlines and hotels, the pandemic has also played a role in the detail-oriented nature of travel advisors. This can be explained by the fact that their knowledge and attention to detail has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many advisors being forced to solve complicated travel problems. Ultimately, travel advisors have the ability to swiftly refund your purchases and can save you hours that you would spend trying to get your money back.

5. They can properly prepare you for your vacation

More often than not, most travel companies are so eager for your business that they will give you false promises. On the other hand, an experienced travel advisor can assist you in understanding what is reality and what is an over-exaggerated PR effort. Travel advisors want the best for you and will do everything they can to prepare you for the trip by helping you be aware of what to expect at your destination. For example, if there is a small risk of COVID-19 exposure at your location of choice, your advisor will always be honest with you and accordingly inform you of any risks that you may face.